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Monday, September 27, 2010

The First Week

We have had a great week of getting to know Mya. She is a great baby, always ready to give a smile to whoever looks at her. She has also gotten  to the point of keeping food down and her upper respiratory infection is gone. She is looking better every day. This picture is after we got home from Mya's first church service. She was so happy to meet so many smiling faces. She slept through worship which says a lot about her sleeping habits.

I find that I keep pinching myself to see if this is just a dream. I am amazed that God chose me to be her mother and I am so thankful. There are times during the day as I hold her that I just stare at her and could not imagine my life without her in it. I am in awe of my Lord for orchestrating my life in such a way that he saw fit to pull this precious girl out of a life no child deserves and place her in my arms to love. My heart aches for those children with no family to give them the love they need and deserve. CJ, Steven, Morgan, and Jaden love her so much and she loves them also. I will try to post more pics with them and her. They all have been so great and helpful. I am one blessed mom! My children are my life's greatest treasures.

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  1. Steve & Dana..and family :) It's been so long since I've seen or talked to you. From what I've been reading God had truly blessed your family with little Mya! She's soo beautiful! The Lord brought you through all that time of waiting for the perfect little angel to complete your family! She's so precious! I hope to keep in touch with you guys. I don't think I have your new address. Our home # is 948-1998. I'd love to get the kids together sometime and catch up with you guys! Take care and God Bless!!

    Love, The Schutzen Family
    Dave, Roxanne, Sarah, Madelyn, Alexis, & Ryan :)